Monday, September 30, 2013

The GTA V modding has started on consoles

GTA V modding has started \o/

What we have for now:

God mode
Invincible cars
Max ammo increased to 19.999
Shoot rockets with guns like Minigun, Heavy Sniper, Combat Pistol and more
Infinite ammo
and more...

Download and full details: here (mirror 1, mirror 2) Password: .gtavmodz.

brad9887 - Sabre Gt Wheelie Line 
AaronxD - Testing and No Rocket Guns Link 
xllJazza - Location of god mode 
Duck - Testing 
K Ron Spliffs - Higher Vehicle Health 
SWAT I Vendetta - Bmx Speed 
 Obs.: I'm not responsible for those mods and the result of their use, i'm just sharing the news :)
any questions or help must be asked in the release post (full details page)
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